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100km del caribe 4 days/100km or 50km
Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Las Terrenas.

100km del Caribe Dominican Republic is an ecological trail competition in 4 stages that will allow participants to discover the nature of the island by running or walking.

We do not use plastic and we promote the conservation of the environment through sports.

The atmosphere of joy and friendship, which characterizes the event, will allow them to approach this sport correctly, safely and in good company. From another point of view, the expert and competent athletes will have the opportunity to face a fascinating environment where nature still dictates the rules.

1st Stage: 17.5km /
Puerto Plata (For both races)

Arrival at the top of the Mountain Isabel de Torres.
Back to Puerto Plata with the cable car.

The silver clouds atop Isabel de Torres, the towering mountain behind Puerto Plata, gave the city its name. Today tourists ride the cable car to reach the top of the mountain, visit its botanical gardens and admire the panoramic views of the port city.

The famous three ships of Admiral Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492, calling it La Isabela.

But today Puerto Plata is best known for its Atlantic coast with more than 62 miles (100 km) of beaches, coastal villages, and hotels.

2nd Stage: 20 km or 10 km /
20K – Monkey Jungle (El Choco - Sosúa) or 10K - Sea Horse Ranch

20K Race starts Monkey Jungle (El Choco - Sosúa).
10K Race starts from Sea Horse Ranch.
Both races arriving at Cabarete Beach.
This is a world class kitesurfing, windsurfing and laser sailing destination due to its warm waters and perfect wind conditions. Cabarete is very popular with the young and adventurous due to the water sports offered on its beach, its famous annual jazz festival every fall, and its eclectic bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

3rd Stage: 53 km or 12 km /
Las Terrenas - Playa Punta Popi

Start and Finish line Playa Punta Popi

Considered the most spectacular of the waterfalls in the Dominican Republic, El Limón captivates as its waterfall of more than 50 meters falls into a natural pool where visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim. You will find this beautiful waterfall on the way and you will be able to enjoy its beauty.

4th Stage: 10km /
Las Terrenas (For both races)

Race starts in Playa Cosón.
Awards and Closing Party “100 km del Caribe Repùblica Dominicana 2021”  in Playa Punta Popi.

Samaná / Las Terrenas is a natural treasure, where there is much to explore; It is wild and green, with inlets, bays, waterfalls, mountains, and breathtaking views. Known for its beaches for bodyboarding, nature hiking, and whale watching, it attracts independent travelers.